Annette Pensel

Executive Director

Global Coffee Platform

Annette Pensel is responsible for leadership, development, strengthening and overall management of the Global Coffee Platform as multi-stakeholder membership organization.

Annette brings more than 10 years of experience in the international coffee sector and in the field of development cooperation, including corporate sustainability, public-private partnerships, voluntary standards development and capacity building.

As the Director Sustainability Innovations of the former 4C Association (and the GCP Interim Executive Director between July – October 2016), Annette was central to the many successful partnerships formed and strategies developed & implemented throughout its history, most notably the development of Vision2030, which connected the public and private sectors and creates a common, farmer centric vision to work towards in producing countries, thus contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); and the co-creation of the GCP together with the former Sustainable Coffee Program (SCP).

Annette has worked and lived in Africa, Latin America and South East Asia building up the 4C Association’s network, structures and services at origin. She has established excellent relationships with key stakeholders in the coffee industry ranging from coffee growers to private sector representatives to NGO, donor and government representatives. Annette graduated in Economics, Political Science and Latin American studies from the University of Cologne (Germany) and Tucuman (Argentina). She speaks German, English, Spanish, Portuguese and French and is now based in Bonn, Germany.
About the Global Coffee Platform: The Global Coffee Platform is a new, inclusive multi-stakeholder sustainability platform aligning the activities of a diverse network of stakeholders to set into action the global commitments made through Vision 2030 and create a thriving and sustainable coffee sector. Combining the expansive membership of the 4C Association with the pre-competitive activities of the Sustainable Coffee Program, the Global Coffee Platform marks a new era of sustainability for the coffee sector. The Global Coffee Platform (GCP) works by a bottom up approach, uniting both public and private sector actors to create a common vision on the most critical sustainability challenges at a producing country level and feeding these national priorities into a global agenda. The GCP then offers all coffee stakeholders, large and small, the opportunity to engage in this global agenda through action-oriented work-streams. Tackling the most pressing challenges, these work-streams aim to improve the effectiveness of sustainability programs and contribute to greater impact on the livelihoods of coffee farming communities and the natural environment of coffee production areas around the world.
The Global Coffee Platform also supports the use of the Baseline Common Code, a set of globally referenced baseline principles and practices for coffee production and processing. Through the support of this reference code, the GCP aims to enable sector-wide adoption of minimum sustainability requirements and create a level playing field for collectively reporting and measuring improvements.

For more information: www.globalcoffeeplatform.org