Bopanna Manavittara Belliappa

Managing Partner

Equinox Inc

A third generation coffee farmer from India with over two decades of integrated experience in coffee - from bush to green coffee, encompassing farming, wet & dry processing and trading

Equinox Consulting & Plantation Management Services is an Indian business entity that utilizes an exclusive management and accounting system to profitable manage coffee farms, maintaining accountability and transparency

Core Competencies:
● Turn-key management of integrated coffee farming projects
● Starting and/or rejuvenating coffee farms using good agricultural practices (GAP) and integrated pest management (IPM) with using sustainable and environment-friendly methods
● Intervention and support measures to negate the effects of global warming through adaption and mitigation
● Risk management and optimization of revenue through multi-cropping

● Integrated management of 2000 hectares of coffee farms in India in diverse regions and conditions; establishing, rejuvenating and maintaining farms for clients
● Utilized by the International Trade Centre as a Resource person for conducting a gap analysis in coffee farming and processing in five east African nations under its SITA project (Supporting Indian Trade with Africa)