Enselme Gouthon


Agence des Cafés Robusta d'Afrique et Madagascar ACRAM

EXPERT IN ECONOMICS DEVELOPMENT PhD in Economics from the Higher School of Economics and Management at the University of BREMEN (Federal Republic of Germany), Enselme GOUTHON has over 35 years of experience in the management of agro-industrial and financial companies.

He served for more than 20 years as Secretary General of the Coordinating Committee for the Coffee and Cocoa Sector (CCFCC) in Togo. He also served as Chairman of the Agency for Africa and Madagascar Robusta Coffees (ACRAM) for almost 4 years. He has hosted several conferences at the international level. An Economics Development Expert and member of the Regional Consular Chamber of UEMOA (CCR / UEMOA), he is also the Vice-Chairman of the National Council of the Employers of Togo (CNP-Togo).

A Representative of Togo in the International Organizations of Cocoa and Coffee (ICCO and ICO), he has been the Chairman of the International Cocoa Council (ICCO).