René León

Executive Secretary


René León Gómez, of Honduran nationality, is the current Executive Secretary for PROMECAFE, based at the IICA Delegation in Guatemala. René is an Agricultural Engineer at the Pan-American School (ZAMORANO), with a Master’s Degree in Business Management from the Central American Technological University (UNITEC). He has more than ten years of experience in management positions for coffee institutions in Honduras, such as: The Honduran Coffee Institute and the National Coffee Fund. The vision of his work has been to promote the strengthening and development of coffee production, with an emphasis on attending to needs and key challenges that affect the profitability and sustainability of small producers currently in Honduras and the region.

PROMECAFE, the Regional Cooperative Program for the Technological Development and Modernization of Coffee Production (PROMECAFE), is an investigative and collaborative network formed by coffee institutions from Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica; as well as the IICA, CATIE and the CIRAD.