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The Intercontinental Medellin Hotel is both a lodgings and event center famous throughout the city because of its 40 plus years of history. Located on Las Palmas Avenue, surrounded by green mountains, it offers amazing countryside landscapes. It is also the epicenter for the most important events in the city because it offers a suitable environment for business events and conventions, as well as for family vacations. It is a spectacular tourism and business complex that has become a top-end hotel because of the spaces it offers, its location, technology, and logistics.

This well known convention center offers 6 rooms with a maximum occupancy of 1500 people where all kinds of meetings, conventions, large city events, conferences and social celebrations can be held; the halls are equipped with supplies to meet the basic needs of any speaker, and offer open-air areas such as terraces and swimming pools.


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Officially named the Republic of Colombia, this country is located on the northwestern region of South America. This republic is politically organized in 32 decentralized departments plus the Capital District of Bogota, seat of the National Government.

Colombia is the only South American nation that has coasts on the Pacific Ocean and access to the Atlantic trough the Caribbean Sea. Is the 4th largest nation in South America as far as territorial extension goes, and it is home to approximately 47 million inhabitants; it is the third most populous country in Latin America.


Medellin, known as the “city of eternal spring”, is located at the geographic center of the Aburrá Valley; its average temperature is 24° C. It is the second most populous and most important city in Colombia, and it is known as the industrial, commercial, technological, and sports capital in the country. Its geostrategic location and efficient infrastructure enable it to host world-class events. It has two airports with several aerial routes: the José María Córdova International Airport, located in Río Negro (45 minutes from Medellin) and the Olaya Herrera Airport located in the city, exclusive for domestic flights. It has modern mass transportation systems, first class hotels and a wide range of local and international gastronomy; this adds up to more than 8% of the national GDP. It is these characteristics that make Medellin the ideal host for the World Coffee Producers Forum.

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Located at the summit of Nutibara Hill, Pueblito Paisa is a place that brings to life the traditional towns of Antioquia; it is a replica that commemorates Antioquia’s tradition. There you can find traditional paisa craft shops and restaurants that serve the typical cuisine and offer visitors the chance to get in touch with the culture of the paisa territory, summarized by this wonderful place.


Medellin has an open-air museum with 23 monumental sculptures by Maestro Botero. Another, 188 works of art exhibited in the Antioquia Museum and 29 more can be found in different areas of the city. Together these make up the artist’s largest collection, a man whose interest in volume made his paintings and sculptures famous world-wide. Botero has actively participated in the transformation process of the area known today as the Fernando Botero Sculptures Plaza, which makes him an important reference in the history of art at a global level.


Interactive center for the appropriation and dissemination of science and technology. It has 37,000 square meters including both the internal area and public squares. It is made up by the Park, the Planetarium, and the Aquarium. It is recognized as one of the three largest fish tanks with freshwater species in South America, where tropical rainforest and coral reefs are recreated. There are 4,000 individuals belonging to 400 species, in 18 freshwater and 11 sea scenarios, where the fauna of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and the biodiversity of the rivers of Colombia converge. The Parque Explora is an example of the commitment, respect, and protection of life.


Located in the Santo Domingo Savio neighborhood, it is named "Biblioteca España" in honor of the contribution made by the Spanish government through the International Cooperation Agency with the provision of an auditorium. The construction is visible from much of the city, looking to excel as a building-landscape. The place is made up of small brick houses, as a result of self-construction and waste from green areas, all due to the impossibility of building in this area because of the steep slopes. For this work, the architect Giancarlo Mazzanti, was recognized in the VI Ibero-American Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism, which took place in Lisbon in 2008.


The Planetarium of Medellin offers a resounding stage, comparable to the most modern in the world, with a digital dome for immersive and high-quality experiences. It is an emblematic place of the city with 27 years of existence and the main purpose of the dissemination of earth and space sciences in the city.